Transient: Accessibility


Our goal is to make our parties as inclusive and accessible as possible. We are focused on ensuring everyone at a Connect show is made to feel welcome, safe, involved and engaged.

With this in mind, we are providing the following details about Transient so everyone can be aware of what the venue provides, and what it does not. We are not experts on the range of disabilities/impairments people may have, or on the range of human diversity of our party goers, but we are always looking to improve so we encourage you to share your feedback with us.

If you have specific requirements or questions, we’ll do our best to provide a solution for you! You can contact us confidentially by email at: and we’ll see what we can work out.

Everyone is welcome (as long as you’re nice).

Entrance and Location

  • Front entrance door is 36 inches wide, with a floor threshold of approx. 1.5 inches
  • No automatic doors; door handles are twist knob or push/pull, and no higher than 36 inches
  • Doors are average weight, do not stick or get caught
  • Centrally located, plentiful parking, but no accessible parking spaces
  • No accessible public transit nearby


  • Second floor only accessible by a staircase with a railing
  • Staircase is made of wood, no non-slip surface applied, quite steep
  • Accessible route through the left side of the venue, min. 51 inches in halls/between furniture
  • Back entrance/smoking area doorway is 34 inches wide
  • Floor thresholds between sections of venue no taller than a ½ inch
  • Flooring a mixture between concrete, wood, laminate
  • Couches etc. available on sides of main room, front of venue, second floor
  • Chill space in front of foyer for taking a break from the rest of the venue


  • Two gender neutral bathrooms; one on each floor
  • Small – neither fits a wheelchair, and no handrails
  • Doors and faucets have twist knobs
  • Soap dispensers are free-standing pump style

Lighting and Comfort

  • Low, coloured lighting, and strobe light, projection
  • Smoke machine
  • Music is very loud, earplugs are recommended and available for free at door
  • No smoking indoors; smoking area out back
  • Temperature is not adjustable – can be quite cold or hot, depending
  • Sink with twist knobs for drinking water, cups provided


  • 4 fire extinguishers; one at back door, one upstairs, one near water sink
  • 2 main exits at front and rear, plus rolling warehouse door
  • Exit direction is painted on the floor
  • First aid and Naloxone kits on hand at front entrance; we are trained in their use 

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